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Comox Village Renewal

It's Our Turn

Help our town become even more vibrant, with great paying jobs, exciting housing options, and a fantastic west coast lifestyle that invites our children and grand children to call Comox home.

Positive Development

  • Village promenade
  • Seaside boardwalk
  • Public market
  • Comox pool
  • Live Performance Venue
  • Safe pathway network
  • Upgraded village scheme

Key Principles

  • Green and sustainable economy
  • More jobs
  • Lower taxes
  • Thriving business
  • Healthy environment
  • More entry-priced housing
  • More amenities

Leading with Vision

Pro Comox

Let’s put Comox on the map with a revitalized downtown village core. Give families, dowtown workers, seniors and tourists a vibrant walking promenade of bustling shops and restaurants, that stretches from our spectacular seaside up to Comox Avenue. Add a Granville Island style public market that showcases unique local foods and crafts from the Valley.

Pro Environment

Our world class environment and scenery define our town. There is opportunity for cleaner waterways, more mixed use building design, more green technology, more walkable amenities, and greater health for our beaches and marine life. Let's make our seaside so pristine that we can once again harvest shellfish safely.

Pro Business

Small business is the lifeblood of our Valley economy and one of the keys to better jobs for current and future generations. We need more affordable business leases, a strong local market, positive incentives, and more resources to help new entrepreneurs thrive.

Pro Union

Public workers are the backbone of government and unions help their membership stay informed, properly represented, and challenged with career opportunities. Unions deserve a respected place at the leadership table and are vital allies in the future of Comox.

Pro Education

The future of our children’s success depends on the skills and knowledge they learn in school and throughout life. We need to attract great teachers, the latest resources, and job-ready programs, especially from the technology sector.

Pro Community

Local government plays one part in community success. But the successful future of Comox depends on you and your fellow citizens, plus many community partners, including First Nations, volunteer groups, non-profits and more.


Dr. Tom Diamond

Over 30 years experience in Leadership, Management, Public and Private Sectors

  • Consultant to more than 100 public, private and unionized organizations across Canada and the US
  • Large scale reorganization projects in hospitals and health systems
  • Program and leadership development for US Navy
  • Non-profit board development and strategic planning
  • University faculty, administrator and program director 
  • Public speaker on leadership and wellness
  • Doctor of Psychology, focusing on brain health, at www.brainigo.com
  • Comox Valley resident for 10 years with family and small business 

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